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Small Business Resources > Advantages of Investing in a Franchised Business

Advantages of Investing in a Franchised Business

1. Tried and True
When you invest in an already created business model, you can have confidence the business will be successful if you work hard and follow the franchisor's instructions. Franchised businesses typically have a proven track record of success and can support nationwide expansion.

2. Trusted Brand
Another big advantage of owning your own franchise business is that you are investing in an already recognizable brand. Unlike other small business owners who have to build recognition and a reputation, your business is likely to already be nationally known and recognized.

3. Higher Success Rate
Less than 5% of franchised businesses fail every year in the U.S. This is drastically lower than the percent of regular small business ventures that fail. For this reason alone, purchasing a franchised business is one of the most secure investments you can make.

4. Quick Cash
Getting financed for a franchise business loan is drastically easier than it would be if you were starting an independent business. Banks know the lower risk involved in a franchise investment and love to be involved with secure and profitable ventures.

5. Savings
Through your general franchise, you should be able to save on supplies and equipment needed to get your business started. Franchisors like to have their stores as close to the franchise guidelines as possible, and work with vendors to provide discounted products and services to their franchisees.

6. Independence
When you open a franchise business you will have independence, but you will not be alone. Although the franchisors have rules and guidelines, they are designed to help you achieve success. You will still have the independence of owning your own business.

7. Store Layout Help
Most franchises are business with in-store customers and clients, and require a friendly and efficient layout. Fortunately, most franchises have pre-determined store layouts available. Some will even work with you to maximize the potential of your location.

8. Full Support
With most new independent businesses, trial and error is the only way to learn what your business needs to grow. With a franchise, you will not only receive thorough training, but you will also have ongoing support from corporate and other franchisees.

About the Author
Roni Deutch is President and Founder of The Roni Deutch Tax Center. The Roni Deutch Tax Center is one of the nation's hottest income tax franchise. For more information on owning a franchise visit, or check out Watch Me Franchise to see what it is really like to run a franchise business.

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