What To Take Into Consideration When Starting A Franchise

Franchising offers you a middle ground between starting your very own business and working full-time for somebody else. Though there are a lot of advantages to franchising, it does take a lot of commitment, capital and time.

Before buying into any franchise it is important to do your research well. Don’t just buy into a franchise because it is top-rated. The first thing you need to determine if the franchise fits into your business style. Running a business that you are not interested in or are unable to give any creative input to, can cause a lot of problems down the line. It is equally important to conduct a thorough analysis of the market before choosing your franchise or your location.

After you’ve short-listed the franchise opportunities that you may be interested in, get the company’s Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC). This is a detailed document that discloses critical components of the franchise and their offer to potential franchisees.

Conducting on-site visits and talking to current as well as former franchisees will reveal a lot of information that you would never be able to obtain from any legal document or agreement. Most franchisors have select franchisee outlets that are on their “tour” list for potential franchisees. After you’re done visiting these, go on alone to other franchisee outlets that are not on the list and gain a real insight into what it would be like to work for this particular franchise. Visit outlets that are successful as well as those that are not doing so well. Establishing the reasons for failure can give you valuable fore-knowledge into the issues you need to avoid if you are to succeed.

Even if you are considering buying into a well-established franchise, it will take time before you start making any profits. Take into consideration family budgeting and various pre-opening costs as well as operating costs and reserve sufficient funds to tide you over during the time it takes for your business to take off.

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