How Much Does a 7-Eleven Franchise Cost?

7-Eleven Franchise How Much Does a 7-Eleven Franchise Cost? You should have between $100,000 and $150,000 in cash before contacting 7-Eleven about a franchise.If you have at least $100,000 to $150,000 in liquid funds and you are ready to forge ahead, read on.

Because 7-Eleven bases the franchise fee entirely on the gross profits of the individual store, the fee can vary significantly, but here are the guidelines. Calculations range between 5% and on up to 30% of the gross profit dollar volume, over a period of any 12 rolling months. Unlike most franchises, there is no net worth requirement, but the total investment will run between $228,000 and $866,000, which is much lower than the $1 to 2 million reported on most franchise websites. 7 Eleven provides 6-weeks of training at a local training center and offers assistance with payroll, inventory, and advertising.

Traditionally, 7 Eleven will own or lease the building and all the equipment and then lease it back to the franchisee. 7 Eleven franchise also offers the unique Business Conversion Program opportunity to trademark your existing convenience or liquor store under the 7 Eleven branding. Terms require that your store is at least � mile away from other 7 Eleven franchise stores with a minimum of 1400 square feet. To be considered, you have to be at least 21-years of age, have permanent U.S. residency with a solid credit history and some asset liquidity.

If you are new to franchising, we suggest you speak with a franchise consultant about your goals before jumping into any franchise opportunity.

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