Do Home Based Businesses & Franchises Really Work?

If you've ever watched a late-night "get rich quick" infomercial you may think that a home-based business is too good to be true, but in fact there are many great businesses that you can operate from your home.

If you have the discipline to work from a home office there are many time-tested franchise models that can offer you a great lifestyle and the opportunity for a substantial yearly income. Before you join a home-based franchise system, you'll need to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses.

Some questions to ask yourself are: Am I disciplined enough to manage myself? Can I keep focused without co-workers or a boss? Will my spouse and family support my decision and respect my work schedule? If you answered "yes" to these questions, you have an enormous "advantage" over other business seekers.

Your "advantage" is that home-based businesses have smaller start up and operating expenses. These expenses are significant factors to a new business' failure. By working from your home office, you'll have a very short commute to work each day (10 to 100 feet), enjoy a very flexible schedule while having very low overhead. You can also take advantage of home-office deductions, which the IRS fully recognizes as a legitimate business deduction.

You may also be surprised how much money you could earn from a business that is being run from your spare bedroom or even your kitchen table.

You must be sure to select a franchise partner that is built a strong support system that will allow provide you with a solid "virtual back office." More specifically, you'll need to identify a franchise that has great web tools, strong telephone support, and a model that works well without a retail office.

For the right individual-who joins the right franchise system-a home-based business can be the perfect alternative to suffering through a painful daily commute or working to fulfill someone else's dream.

About the Author
About the Author
Peter Casey is a well known franchise professional who consults with franchise systems and franchise seekers. As an author, public speaker & franchise consultant Peter has educated thousands of people about their options in the franchise industry. For more info on Peter or his company visit the Capital Franchise Group web site